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Disney’s articulated dance (5)

“walt’s” homophone

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8266 Disney’s articulated dance (5) “walt’s” homophone dohz 1
8260 "Winning Integers" starring old German actor Christoph (5) W(ALT)Z wolf 0
8261 Barrier without first of London time zone has three beats? (5) WALL-L+TZ

def is because a waltz is 3/4 time
calica 0
8273 Track star Nikki changed mailing address to dance (5) HILTZ changing HI to WA Firetruck 0
8290 Piece of pizza with round, light crust getting gobbled up (5) def. "Piece", linking word: "of"
wordplay: reversal of ZA W ("pizza" "with" "round") containing LT ("light crust": L[igh]T, "getting gobbled up")
bags 0