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Rob is quietly angry (6)


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8285 Rob is quietly angry (6) P+IRATE dohz 3
8300 Scoundrel aboard that is after plunder, primarily! (6) P_+I(RAT)E

dohz 3
8284 Roman governor switching sides to become criminal (6) PILATE with L swapped for R theduckmedic 2
8281 Rover's at constant speed (6) PI + RATE Firetruck 1
8293 Audible funeral fire engulfed plagiarist (6) wp: audible (homophone indicator) pyre (funeral fire) ate (engulfed)
defn: plagiarist
Wriggler831 1
8286 Press and change hands in single exercise (6) PILATES = exercise, change hands= switch L and R, single: take the singular.
Press = to pirate in the sense of copying a CD or disk with pirated content
Firetruck 0