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Poets near-revolutionized language (9)


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8331 Poets near-revolutionized language (9) ESPERANTO* dohz 3
8335 After losing its tail, Espeon holds in tirade of language (9) ESPE(RANT)O_ AuthorialIntent 1
8346 Spanish class sought help from intermediary language (9) def. "intermediary language"
wordplay: ES ("Spanish": ISO code) P.E. ("class": physical ed.) RAN TO ("sought help from": i.e. 'After he got fired, he ran to me')
bags 1
8340 Not many people can understand this vesper Antoinette internalized (9) Hidden word (indicator = internalized) vESPER ANTOinette
Def "Not many people can understand this"
Firetruck 0