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Encroach awkwardly into middle of fitted garment (10)


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8556 Encroach awkwardly into middle of fitted garment (10) _T(RENCHCOA*)T_ dohz 0
8557 Camouflage, for children, towers over every other cool art - time to pull the whiskey out (10) Def = Camouflage for children towers (e.g., two kids in a trenchcoat)
Every other cool art = CoOl ArT
Time + to pull (the whiskey out) = T + wRENCH
Assuming down clue: over COAT, TRENCH = TRENCHCOAT
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8559 Virtual technocrat's fancy attire (10) Virtual = almost entirely, fancy = anagram
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8560 Crooked coach caught by some Jersey city slicker (10) TREN<COACH>Ton
Slicker = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8582 Catch tenor rustling overwear (10) overwear - definition
rustling - anagram
Botaku 0