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8455 SCARLET (7) Ruby was initially Sapphire's companion - Garnet, almost from the start, had the bud of love (without a second of envy) in her heart (7) Ruby = def
initially Sapphire's companion = SC
Garnet almost from the start = ARNET
Bud of love = L
without a second of envy = -N
SC + gAR(L)nET
biocuriousgeorgie 4
8623 ADJACENT (8) Next to a music player, a penny (8) A+DJ+A+CENT biocuriousgeorgie 4
8453 SCARLET (7) A color (7) A color = def
A color = SCARLET (i.e., the color of the "A" worn by Hester in The Scarlet Letter)
biocuriousgeorgie 3
8494 TIGER (5) Sounds like a growl following Siamese cat (5) Sounds like (Thai + grrr) = TIGER
Cat = def
biocuriousgeorgie 3
8502 OUROBOROS (9) Unlimited bourbon (not the first bottle) leads to cigarette butts - in the end, it's the circle of life (9) bOURBOn - B (first bottle) = OURO
cigarette butts = marlBORO
in the end, it's = itS
the circle of life = def
biocuriousgeorgie 3
8547 LOVERS (6) Admirers unlock hearts with endless poetry (6) Admirers = def
unlock hearts = unLOck
endless poetry = VERSe
biocuriousgeorgie 3
8657 WATER (5) Waiter, I spilled a drink (5) Waiter, "I" spilled = WAiTER
A drink = def
biocuriousgeorgie 3
9470 UMAMI (5) No Cadmium--Cadmium ruined my experience with MSG (5) No Cadmium-Cadmium, ruined = (CADMIUM-CD)*= AMIUM*
My experience with MSG = def (i.e., umami is the qualitative experience of receptors binding to glutamate)
biocuriousgeorgie 3
9488 SPLOOT (6) Spot held mostly low pose - typical of a corgi (6) SP(LOw)OT
Pose typical of a corgi = def
biocuriousgeorgie 3
9510 AREPA (5) Mirabel's mom can make you feel better with just one (one!) cooked pear (5) Mirabel's mom can make you feel better with just one = def (line from Encanto)
One = A
biocuriousgeorgie 3
9553 JACKAL (6) The assassin of Forsyth, Kerouac, and Gore (6) "The" assassin of Forsyth = def
Kerouac and Gore = JACK + AL
biocuriousgeorgie 3
9623 BOX (3) A way to rearrange your face but not to fight? (3) A way to rearrange your face, but not TO = BOtoX
Fight = def
biocuriousgeorgie 3
10235 GHOST (5) Initially, Gengar had only suggested this to Haunter (5) G_ H_ O_ S_ T_
Haunter = def
biocuriousgeorgie 3
10715 LICENSE (7) Denucleated fungal-algal composites on base of log make green light (7) Denucleated fungal-algal composites = LIC(-h)ENS
on = vertical juxtaposition indicator
base of log = e
Green light = def
biocuriousgeorgie 3
10895 MIGHT (5) May 4th commemorates Luke's initial disappearance from Light (5) May = def
4th comMemorates = M
Luke's initial (L) disappearance from Light = IGHT
biocuriousgeorgie 3
8454 FETCH (5) Gretchen's cool, get it? (5) ddef
Gretchen's word for cool in Mean Girls = FETCH
Get it = FETCH (as a command)
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8518 BUFFALO (7) Polish regularly fail to intimidate (7) Polish = BUFF
regularly fail to = fAiL tO
intimidate = def
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8546 LOVERS (6) Without their leader, small shorebirds are not fighters (6) pLOVERS
I'm a lover, not a fighter
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8599 ADJACENT (8) Descriptive word about secant (but not its origin)? (8) &lit: secant = hypotenuse/adjacent, but apparently the origin/etymology of the word is related to how it "cuts" the circle

biocuriousgeorgie 2
8600 ONE (3), THEN TWO (3), THEN THREE (5), THEN FOUR (4), ETC. Sounds like an island octet (5) Ait homophone
Octet = def
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8618 BOGART (6) Shapeshifter reduced its belly to become a Hollywood star (6) BOGgART biocuriousgeorgie 2
8634 SCREE (5) Timeless secret lost in a pile of rocks (5) Timeless secret lost = (SECREt)*
Pile of rocks = def
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8638 ANY CLUE THAT STARTS WITH "MACHINE TO STEAL" (?) Machine to steal heart of damsel after the beauty fell short in stereotypical hippie fashion (11) Machine to = BOT TO
steal heart of damsel = MS
The Beauty fell short = BELLe
Stereotypical hippie fashion = def
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8639 ANY CLUE THAT STARTS WITH "MACHINE TO STEAL" (?) Machine to steal the first- and second-born of ignorant racist (5) B(IG)OT
Machine = BOT
First and second-born of ignorant = IG
Racist = def
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8675 COUGAR (6) Predatory female wild cat (6) Ddef
Predatory female | wild cat
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8677 PICROSS (7) Half-dose of bitter poison dissolved a couple layers of tissue - it's a rather graphic problem, isn't it? (7) Half-dose of bitter poison = PICROtoxin (literally means "bitter poison")
Dissolved a couple layers of tissue = tiSSue
It's a rather graphic problem, isn't it? = punny def (i.e., it's a puzzle involving graphics)
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8710 ANY CLUE WITH A WORD USED MULTIPLE TIMES (?) Container containing container is not containing (6) BA(TIN)G
BAG containing TIN
Not containing = def for BATING, an archaic form meaning "except for, excluding"
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8724 SOULMATE (8) It's said only a caffeinated drink has the ability to forever make your heart beat faster (8) Sounds like SOLE
a caffeinated drink = MATE
has the ability to forever make your heart beat faster = def
(taking a little poetic license with the part of speech here, shhh)
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8757 (0) What is love when Cupid reportedly has no arrows? (0) What is love = baby don't hurt me...I mean, def (i.e., "nothing" in tennis)
Cupid, reportedly = sounds like Eros = ARROWS
has no arrows = ARROWS-ARROWS =
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8810 FLUMMOX (7) Baffle doofus after a failing grade (7) Baffle = def
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8834 MODEL (5) The most common one comes with half-pound version (5) The most common one = MODE
half-pound = Lb
Version = def
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8913 SPRAY (5) Flower arrangement had pansy artfully arranged to surround rose bud, but no note (5) Flower arrangement = def (a branch of flowers and leaves)
(PANSY)* around R_, with no N
biocuriousgeorgie 2
9420 FEINT (5) Often, I'm not even fake (5) Even letters of oFtEn I'm NoT
Fake = def (v.)
biocuriousgeorgie 2
9468 A CLUE IN WHICH EVERY WORD IS (OR IS PART OF) A COMMONLY ACCEPTED ANAGRIND (?) Mess around with odd blend (3) Mess around with (def) = BED
odd blend = BlEnD
biocuriousgeorgie 2
9498 THANOS (6) The man who set two of every four to be destroyed?! (6) THem

biocuriousgeorgie 2
9534 ELEVEN (6) In retrospect, original closing time back before store opening was moved from seven! (6) In retrospect = reversal of originaL closing + timE back = EL
before = position indicator
Store opening (S) was moved from seven = sEVEN

&lit - 7-Eleven stores used to be open from 7am-11pm (who woulda guessed), until they switched to 24 hours
biocuriousgeorgie 2
9547 EPEE (4) Equipment pointed primarily at core need for a non-lame sport? (4) E_ P_ nEEd
A non-lame sport? = def: Foil and sabre fencing use a lamé jacket to complete the circuit with the conductive region on the weapon and make it clear when a touch has been made on the target area, but epee does not require a lamé because a touch counts anywhere on the body as long as the tip of the weapon is depressed.
(Clue/definition updated and resubmitted because my partner who is a fencer just reminded me that epee is in fact the one type of fencing that *doesn't* use a lamé...)

(If épée doesn't need accents for this competition, as the competition title indicates, then I will argue that lamé does not either!)
biocuriousgeorgie 2
9576 LYNX (4) The oldest web browser that's still maintained originally lacked a dependent variable and an independent variable (4) The oldest web browser that's still maintained = def
Originally, lacked = L
A dependent variable and an independent variable = Y 'N' X
biocuriousgeorgie 2
9692 ANGST (5) Generalized anxiety disorder stang (5) Generalized anxiety = def
Disorder stang = STANG*
biocuriousgeorgie 2
9731 SECRETARIAT (11) Upset!: Rat ties race with horse who usually wins! (11) Upset RATTIESRACE*
Horse who usually wins = def
biocuriousgeorgie 2
9813 CLUE THAT'S ENTIRELY IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE (ANSWER, DEFINITION, AND CRYPTIC READING) టపాసులు పేలినప్పుడు, మొట్టమొదటిగా సుఖము పొతే రాగాలు తీయచ్చు (3) Literal translation: When firecrackers explode, if you first lose your happiness/comfort, you can cry/wail

టపాసులు (firecrackers) పేలినప్పుడు (when they explode) = anagram టపాసులు
మొట్టమొదటిగా (immediately first,) సుఖము (happiness/comfort) పొతే (if it goes away) = remove సు (the first letter of సుఖము)
రాగాలు (tunes/songs) = def = పాటలు
తీయచ్చు (you can take out) = connector, comes after because that's how Telugu grammar works

surface reading: రాగాలు తీయు is also an idiomatic phrase meaning to cry/wail/scream used often to describe tantrums (e.g., you can sing as much as you like, but it's not going to change the situation)

టపాసులు* - సు = పాటలు
biocuriousgeorgie 2
10223 TESTAMENT (9) Will the new year in Hanoi include a pollinator, perhaps? (9) Will = def
the new year in Hanoi = TET
a pollinator, perhaps = STAMEN
biocuriousgeorgie 2
10257 CANAL (5) Common internet disclaimer: I should be replaced by cats starting with C & O, for example (5) Common internet disclaimer = IANAL (I am not a lawyer)
I replaced by Cats starting = (I->C)ANAL
C&O, for example = def (i.e., the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, known as the C&O Canal)
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8466 TEN-FOUR (3-4) Two-bit for audio is okay (3-4) Two-bit = binary two = TEN
for audio = sounds like for = FOUR
okay = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8544 TAKE A BREATHER (4, 1, 8) Unwind with a fresh tea break before noticeably cutting a head off (4, 1, 8) Unwind = def
fresh (tea break)* = TAKE A BRE
noticeably, cutting a head off = rATHER
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8545 LOVERS (6) Incite revolts without starting the flames (6) <REVOLtS> minus The
Flames = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8561 REVEAL (6) Bare skin? Aloe vera turns owww into ahhh (6) Bare = def
Skin (as a verb) aLOE VERa -> turns -> REVEOL
owww into ahhh (O->A, would also be W->H but there is none)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8598 SPRUCE (6) Christmas tree purchased even after Mar/Apr/May, without hint of awkwardness (6) Christmas tree = def
SPR (spring) + pUrChAsEd - A
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8624 ADJACENT (8) The start of a difficult journey to retrieve samples from Proxima Centauri's neighbor (8) A D_ J_ + _A CENT_
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8658 UNIVERSE (8) What comes between life and everything else, turning left to right after stealing our souls and completely exposing vanity as the primary virtue? (8) What comes between life and everything = def (i.e., "Life, the Universe and Everything")
Stealing our souls = oUr
Completely exposing vanity = vaNIty
The primary virtue = V_
Else, turning left to right = E(l->R)SE

Bonus answer to the riddle that I'm not sure actually fully makes sense = a selfie camera
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8674 WET (3) God takes sixteen turns to flood (3) GOD rot-16 = WET
Flood = def (as a verb)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8688 MINISTER (8) Small semi-truck driver is official (8) Small = MINI
semi (truck driver) = teamSTER
official (n.) = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8706 ANY CLUE WITH A WORD USED MULTIPLE TIMES (?) Fish had had sad end with bad doc (7) Fish = HADDOCK
had had sad end = HA(D)D
bad doc = OCK (i.e., Doc Ock)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8755 COBALT (6) At the end of the day, what space borders on is blue (6) At = connector
The end of the day = C.O.B. (close of business)
What space borders on = ALT (on my keyboard, at least - I've decided Macs temporarily don't exist)
Blue = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8761 OWL (3) In a reversal, the mealworm eats the late bird (3) The late bird = def (because owls are night owls)
Mealworm reversed contains OWL
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8781 FORK (4) Have sex in the Good Place, then split? (4) ddef
Have sex in the Good Place (e.g., "fork you")
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8783 ANY CLUE THAT BEGINS "IN SOVIET RUSSIA..." (?) In Soviet Russia, the compass points West after questioning - it's strange (5) Q + U(S->E, S->E)R
The compass points west instead of north, so rotate compass directions in USSR 90° ccw (S->E)
Questioning = Q (as in LGBTQQ)
Strange = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8808 THYMINE (7) I'm back in Boston - enemy's going around riding the T (7) TH(N(IM<)Y<)E
IM backwards in (Boston enemy = NY, going around) = YMIN
YMIN riding (i.e., sitting inside) THE = TH(YMIN)E
T = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8812 ANY GEOGRAPHICAL PLACE (?) After last expedition aboard a small boat, I'm half afraid (oddly!) to follow you to where three seas meet (11) Last expedition = N, aboard a KAYAK = KANYAK
I'm half= M, afraid oddly = ARI to follow you = UMARI
where three seas meet = KANYAKUMARI
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8813 ANY GEOGRAPHICAL PLACE (?) Eve's partner went back to fuel vehicle in children's comedy film (10) ADAM< + GAS + CAR
Children's film = MADAGASCAR
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8815 INTERROBANG (11) Punctuation partially started off with a gunshot‽ (11) Questionably true/punny &lit (hence, ‽)

Punctuation, partially = INTERRuption (see
Started off = O
with = connector
a gunshot = BANG

The use of "bang" for the exclamation mark (a part of an interrobang) is rumored to have started when printers used "!" to denote a gunshot in comic books.
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8861 PROCYON (7) After favoring chipmunks initially, they finally live a level below a raccoon's family (7) After PRO, C_, _Y
Live = ON (e.g., on air)
A level below a raccoon's family = def
(level below family = genus, and raccoon's genus = Procyon)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8887 LINTEL (6) Fibrous fluff from Krypton sometimes decorates a door? (6) Fibrous fluff from Krypton = LINT-EL (e.g., Lint from the House of El, like Kal-El)
Sometimes decorates a door = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8888 LINTEL (6) The beam at the door illuminated the French mirror, bringing in the setting sun (6) The beam at the door = def
Illuminated = LIT
the French mirror = LE<
The setting sun = last letter of suN
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8896 RETROGRADE (10) An agile runner circling an exposed agora sent back the outcome, creating a spot of trouble for Mercury, perhaps? (10) An agile runner = DARTER, circling exposed aGORa, sent back = DAR(GOR)TER<
+ thE outcome
Creating = connector

A troublesome spot for Mercury, perhaps? = def (i.e., Mercury being in retrograde supposedly causes trouble)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8900 PROSPECT (8) Go pan for gold in a river, in a river; time goes by - t'aint a kilo, just a sliver (8) Go pan for gold = def
A river in a river = R in PO = PRO
Time goes by (i.e., T goes after)
t'ain't a kilo, just a sliver = SPECK-K
P(R)O + SPECk + T
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8909 INDIANA (7) Gary is in such a state - every other one of his nude frontal images was exposed (the rest are not available) (7) Gary is in such a state = def (i.e., Gary, Indiana)
every other one of hIs NuDe = IND
frontal Images = I
wAs exposed = A
the rest are Not Available = the remaining letters are NA
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9056 EARLY (5) Rocky really left - gone before his time (5) Rocky REALLY with L gone = EARLlY*
Before his time = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9410 GOOGLE-FU (6-2) Research art from Sonic Youth album with essential (forgive the French) cover of F*** You (6-2) Research art = def
Sonic Youth album = GOO
essential forGive + the French = G + LE
cover of F*** You = FU
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9479 CRAZY (5) Lunatic is mad czar-y (5) (CZARY)*
Trying this again without the indirect anagram and going with calica's suggestion...thanks!
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9485 A CLUE IN WHICH EVERY WORD IS (OR IS PART OF) A COMMONLY ACCEPTED ANAGRIND (?) Embroil constituents, moving Right out of place, making changes (6) Embroil constituents, moving R out = (EMBrOIL)*
Of place, making changes = def = MOBILE
Anagrinds: embroil, constituents, moving, right (as a verb), out of place, making changes
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9507 WONT (4) Used to yearn for a listener (4) Used to = def
Yearn, for a listener = homophone of want
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9551 GHOTI (5) After first grade, school centers on a couple of tides and spelling for fish (5) First grade = G_
School centers = HO
A couple of tides = TI
Spelling for fish = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9554 ASPECT (6) Face a small perp who's not sus (6) Face = def (i.e., side)
A S_ susPECT
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9562 CALICO CAT (6, 3) Except in rare cases, a female feline with Hollywood-state fur has the seed of celebrity (6, 3) Except in rare cases, a female feline = def (calico cats are almost always female because the tricolor pattern requires two X chromosomes, one of which is randomly inactivated in each patch of fur).
Hollywood-state = CALI
fur has the seed of celebrity = CO(C)AT
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9621 TANGIBLE (8) The first faster-than-light communication device exchanged a thousand per second - quite substantial (8) The first = T
ansible exchanged G for S = AN(G)IBLE
Quite substantial = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9622 TANGIBLE (8) Blanch hearts and innards of a chicken (then place the tail on top, for real) (8) blANch + GIBLET
then place the tail on top (i.e., move the last letter to the first) = T AN GIBLE
real = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9691 AWESOME (7) Great, sounds cute! So I will come afterward. (7) Great = def
Sounds "cute!" = sounds like "aww" = AWE
I = ME (will come afterward = not particularly necessary, but reasonable position indicator)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9694 ROUND ROBIN (5, 5) After earth loses gravity, a bird creates a space where everyone can talk (5, 5) After gROUND, ROBIN
(Etymology comes from "round ribbon", as it turns out! So the bird's the word)
A space where everyone can talk = def (e.g., round robin time in a meeting)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9726 ANY CLUE WITH TWO DIFFERENT ANSWERS DEPENDING ON WHETHER IT’S INTERPRETED IN BRITISH ENGLISH OR AMERICAN ENGLISH (?) Zealot removes pants, real confused about what might happen when your light goes out (5|7) FUNDIE - UNDIE + REAL* = FLARE
FUNDIE - DIE (i.e., American pants are the bottom half of what we wear) + REAL* = FUNERAL
What might happen when your light goes out = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
9766 VIEW (4) Outlook's mostly heard of you (4) Outlook = def
"of you" heard = "a view", so mostly = VIEW
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10166 SWALLOW (7) Drink has consequence: running into the side of a building with a yelp of pain (7) Drink = def
has consequence = last letter of haS (not sure if completely valid, but I liked the surface better than clearer options)
the side of a building = WALL
a yelp of pain = OW
running into/with = juxtaposition indicators
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10185 HAMILTON (8) Founding father originally haunted by a writer of Paradise Lost (8) Founding father = def
originally, Haunted, by A = H + A
Writer of Paradise Lost = MILTON
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10186 HAMILTON (8) Pet name containing broken Tamil for someone whose face is a ten? (8) Pet name (HON) containing broken TAMIL = H(TAMIL*)ON

Someone whose face is a ten? = def (i.e., Hamilton is the face of the $10 bill)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10198 BURSAR (6) The one holding the purse strings is a bear wearing bear skin (6) The one holding the purse strings = def
A bear = URSA
wearing BeaR skin = B(URSA)R
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10210 GAP (3) Something you should mind in approaching a platform? (3) Semi-&lit
Something you should mind = def (but also the whole clue can be the def)
In approaching a platform = _G A P_
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10211 RAMBUNCTIOUS (12) Unruly lone wolf loses tail and endlessly points to debts (12) Unruly = def
Lone wolf loses tail = RAMBo
Endlessly, points = pUNCTa
To = juxtaposition indicator
Debts = IOUS
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10221 EMBERS Firebrands decapitated representatives (6) Firebrands = def
Decapitated representatives = mEMBERS
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10224 TESTAMENT (9) Taxidermist destined, it's said, to provide evidence of reality (9) Taxidermist = TESTA
destined, it's said = homophone of meant = MENT
evidence of reality = def
(Is it real? Nope! Chuck Testa!)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10232 BALANCE (7) Roll call for an N*Sync member with no curves creates harmony (7) Roll call for an N*Sync member = BASS, LANCE (i.e. in roll call, they call the last name first)
With no curves = drop the SS
Harmony = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10240 CLOCK (5) Hit shoe switches sides a thousand times (5) Hit = def (v.)
Shoe switches sides = C(R->L)OC
A thousand times = K (i.e., the prefix for 1000x)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10243 BENIGN (6) Helpful to hear a queen sometimes in Germany, no? (6) Helpful = def
Hear = homophone indicator
A queen sometimes = BEE
In Germany, no = NEIN
Sounds like BEE NEIN = BENIGN
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10461 GOLFER (6) Errand boy holds hockey stick for a player, of course (6) Errand boy = GOFER
hockey stick = L (as in h-e-double hockey sticks)
A player of course = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10472 DISCO (5) Dance is more than half innovation (5) Dance = def
More than half of DISCOvery
(Different etymology from discotheque, as far as I can tell!)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10891 TATTOO (6) Permanent marker on the face sometimes is revenge for a tit as well (6) Permanent marker on the face, sometimes = def (i.e., marker as in an identifying mark)
revenge for a tit = TAT (i.e., tit-for-tat)
as well = TOO
biocuriousgeorgie 1
10969 TO WIT (2, 3) Fool is filled with love for a comedian's brief toast (2, 3) Fool is filled with love = T(O)WIT
A comedian's brief toast = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8498 TAKE A BREATHER (4, 1, 8) Thank you, endangered parrot! A tar pit without its city - not quite a place to rest (4,1,8) Thank you = TA
engendered parrot = KEA
A tar pit without its city = LA BREA - L.A.
not quite a place = THERe
To rest = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8500 OUROBOROS (9) Most acrid scents contain oxygen and swap the initial disulfide for a benzene ring in alchemy (9) Most acrid = sOUR, scents = ODORS
Oxygen = O, initial disulfide = D swapped for benzene = B
Ring in alchemy = def

biocuriousgeorgie 0
8519 FLACON (6) Half deserted? Fire the next three to switch sides for a bottle! (6) Half-deserted fire = CONFLAgration
The next three to switch sides = CON<->FLA = FLACON
for = connector
A bottle = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8524 FEBRUARY (8) In parts of Bookspace lacking early light, you supplement with iron before the last month of winter (8) parts of bookspace lacking early light (LI) = liBRARY
in BRARY, you = BRUARY
supplement with iron before = FE + BRUARY
the last month of winter = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8535 ENCHANTMENT (11) A spell cast by eyeless Gregorian singing in eminent disgrace (11) A spell = def, cast by = connector (e.g., made by)
Gregorian singing (n.) = CHANT (not sure if etymology is an issue here)
eminent disgrace = anagram (ENIMENT or wherever you want to put the i)
eyeless = -I
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8557 TRENCHCOAT (10) Camouflage, for children, towers over every other cool art - time to pull the whiskey out (10) Def = Camouflage for children towers (e.g., two kids in a trenchcoat)
Every other cool art = CoOl ArT
Time + to pull (the whiskey out) = T + wRENCH
Assuming down clue: over COAT, TRENCH = TRENCHCOAT
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8559 TRENCHCOAT (10) Virtual technocrat's fancy attire (10) Virtual = almost entirely, fancy = anagram
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8560 TRENCHCOAT (10) Crooked coach caught by some Jersey city slicker (10) TREN<COACH>Ton
Slicker = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8571 PITY (4) Alas, in verse, I ne'er used "o'er" (4) Alas = def
In verse, I = P(I)OETRY
ne'er used "o'er" = PIoeTrY
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8572 WHATEVS (7) White House rate-limited Teslas and Priuses, eh? (7) WH + rATe + EVS (i.e., electric vehicles)
Eh = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8577 BORDER (6) Staff starting to refuse the German fringe (6) BO + R + DER = fringe biocuriousgeorgie 0
8597 SPACE CADET (5, 5) She started movement with two left feet - even danced erratically like an alien daydreamer (5,5) S_ + PACE (gait with two left legs moving at the same time) + CAD* + ET biocuriousgeorgie 0
8631 SCREE (5) Some banshees sound like gravel (5) Some banshees' sound = SCREEch
Gravel = def
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8633 SCREE (5) Cliff's leftovers are starting to smell a bit disturbing (5) Cliff's leftovers = def
Starting to smell = S
A bit disturbing = CREEpy
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8672 MECHANICAL BULL (10, 4) Pope's decree: Father excommunicated, for He actually now leads the original infidels in Mecca as a robot cow (10,4) Pope's decree = PAPAL BULL
Father excommunicated for ... = PAPA replaced with ...
He actually now leads = H_ A_ N_
the original infidels = I_
in Mecca = MEC(HANI)CA
a robot cow = def


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8673 MINISTER (8) Attend a moment - I saw that first, ergo…halfsies? (8) Attend = def
a moment = MIN
I saw that first = I + ST
Ergo halfsies = ER
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8705 CHURRO (6) Coated extruded tube with hot copper alloy at one end, received gold in return (6) Coated extruded tube = def (I mean, technically speaking...)
Hot copper alloy = H + CU mixed together = CHU
At one end, received = R
Gold in return = OR, reversed = RO
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8713 CUPID (5) The architect of love is a canine with no end of kisses (5) The architect of love = def
Canine with no end of kisses = CUsPID
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8762 TE AMO (2, 3) Rihanna song about following heart to wrong team? (2, 3) semi-&lit: "Te Amo" is basically about a girl who falls for a straight girl
Following (heart to wrong), team = TEAM + O
(Tried to clean it up a little but am too sleepy to do better)
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8775 HALFTIME OR HALF TIME (8 OR 4,4) The second before a note is held in E Flat augmented is when the band marches (4, 4) The second = H
A note = IM (i.e., instant message)
held in (E FLAT)* augmented = ALFT(IM)E
when the band marches = def
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8779 BLEEP (5) Swear in polite company that the act of sticking out your tongue held barely a trace of impertinence (5) Swear, in polite company = def (e.g., "what the bleep")
The act of sticking out your tongue = BLEP
held (barely a trace of impertinencE) = BL(E)EP
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8780 INTERROBANG (11) What punctuates an exclamatory question ‽ (11) ddef:
"What punctuates an exclamatory question"
biocuriousgeorgie 0
8828 THYMINE (7) Base your core premise in observable outcome (7) Base = def (i.e., one of the four bases that make up DNA)
Your = THY + preMise + IN + observablE
biocuriousgeorgie 0
9055 OVERDUE (7) Rude novel by grumpy Swedish man was returned late to the library (7) Rude novel = RDUE*
by = next to
Grumpy Swedish man = OVE (from the novel A Man Called Ove)
Returned late to the library = def
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9070 BOLD (4) So brave for not having hair transplants - at least for now, shaved (4) So brave = def
Not having hair = BALD
At least = first letter of At = A
nOw, shaved = O
BALD transplants A for O
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9131 FINALE (6) Like a snake, in the Wheel of Time, there is no ending - the end is the beginning, and what's left goes around again in the end (6) Like a snake in the Wheel of Time (but with no ending) = AELFINn
The end is the beginning = FIN begins the word
What's left goes around again = ALE* is rearranged
In = connector
The end = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
9296 PISTACHIO (9) Nut makes a half circle with facial hair after shaving some off the top (9) Nut = def (I know they're technically seeds, but they're nuts in common usage)
A half circle = PI (i.e., in radians)
Facial hair after shaving some off the top = muSTACHIO
biocuriousgeorgie 0
9428 ANTHEM (6) Neal Stephenson novel without a song (6) ANaTHEM biocuriousgeorgie 0
9430 CHTHONIC (8) Archetypal deposed leader pockets three flipped coins from the underworld (8) Archetypal deposed leader = iCONIC
Pockets = contains
Three flipped coins = HTH (i.e., heads, tails, heads)
From the underworld = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
9431 BREACH (6) A new line per infraction (6) A new line = BR (as in the html code for line break)
Per = each
Infraction = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
9457 COAX (4) Cajole a cable (4) Ddef - common slang for coaxial cable biocuriousgeorgie 0
9475 PERPETUITY (10) As they say, a cat's chat may be beloved (and quite peachy, perhaps?) but French is forever (10) As they say, a cat's chat, may be = sounds like purr = PER
Beloved = PET
Quite peachy, perhaps? but (minus) French = frUITY
Forever = def
biocuriousgeorgie 0
10237 LIBRARY (7) A bookkeeper, possibly of Latin origin, scales yurt odds back (7) A bookkeeper, possibly = def
Of Latin origin, scales = LIBRA
YuRt odds back = RY
biocuriousgeorgie 0
10465 CARAFE (6) Leading amphora relative brought around in a place that serves drinks! (6) &lit
AR brought around = RA, in CAFE
biocuriousgeorgie 0
10726 PARTICIPANTS (12) Players here in France, in outlandish trap, wore British underwear (12) Players = def
Here in France = ICI
In outlandish trap = RT(ICI)PA
Wore British underwear = PA(RTICIPA)NTS
biocuriousgeorgie 0
10768 INTERNET EXPLORER (8, 8) Summer trainee and Latin lover long ago preceded public relations around mythos of Dora who braved the web? (8, 8) Summer trainee = INTERN
and Latin = ET
lover long ago = EX
preceded = juxtaposition indicator
public relations around mythos = P(LORE)R
Dora who braved the web? = silly def

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10911 RUBY (4) Actor Rose may regret failing grade while Asian, I hear (4) Actor Rose = def
Sounds like regret + failing grade while Asian (i.e. what we used to call an "Asian fail") = sounds like RUE + B
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