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Next to a music player, a penny (8)


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8623 Next to a music player, a penny (8) A+DJ+A+CENT biocuriousgeorgie 4
8593 Nearby, a chatterer broadcasted on the radio (8) def: nearby

a = A
chatterer = JAY (sense 2 of jay on google)
broadcasted = SENT
on the radio = [homophone indicator]

noneuclidean 3
8601 Hand oddly lacking jack/ace? Initially, nine/ten is close (8) _A_D+J+ACE+(N_+T_) dohz 3
8599 Descriptive word about secant (but not its origin)? (8) &lit: secant = hypotenuse/adjacent, but apparently the origin/etymology of the word is related to how it "cuts" the circle

biocuriousgeorgie 2
8624 The start of a difficult journey to retrieve samples from Proxima Centauri's neighbor (8) A D_ J_ + _A CENT_
biocuriousgeorgie 1