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Seasoning is prepared last (4)


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2200 Seasoning is prepared last (4) LAST* Polaris 2
2218 Destroy a peace conference (4) ddef: salt the battlefield, SALT talks wolf 1
2202 Leading seasoning averts larder tragedies! (4) acrostic &lit AtheistSensayer 0
2204 French greeting uniformless sailor (4) Sailor = SAL(-u)T Sp3000 0
2209 Time served following regular assault and battery; cell's solution (4) (-a)S(-s)A(-u)L(-t) + T
def: battery cell's solution (Voltaic cells have two ions dissolved in salt solutions)
AuLeaf 0
2219 Pissing your neighbors off at the height of anger (4) pissing your neighbors off: (-pis)S(-ing)
at the height of: ALT
anger: def
wolf 0