LEAD (4)

Started by phenomist

Tip, like evidence aiding detective! (4)

L_E_A_D_ (init.)

Submitted by Penzo

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2483 Tip, like evidence aiding detective! (4) L_E_A_D_ (init.)
Penzo 5
2485 Metal for person in first place (4) LEAD (ddef) [you thought it would be GOLD but it was PB, DIO] AuLeaf 5
2482 Lend NASA some metal (4) Lend NASA = LEND but with N AS A
Some metal = def
dylanamite 4
2481 Opening line: "Steer experience direct chief's metal spearhead tip" (4) nonuple definition (all distinct according to M-W and Oxford - some may be a bit similar but eh whatever there are nine of them)

opening (of a news article)
line (tether)
steer ("escort" or "guide")
experience (as in "lead a life of...")
direct ("command" or "govern")
chief (primary part, in a play or film)
metal (the element)
spearhead (to be at the front of, e.g., a movement)
tip ("clue" or "hint")
Deusovi 3
2500 Take control of the French promotion (4) LE+AD="take control" Skynet000 3
2495 Take first place between a sheet of paper and a honey drink on a ladder (4) LEAF - LEAD - MEAD
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dylanamite 2