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Hikers unshaken by shooting star (8)


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2676 Hikers unshaken by shooting star (8) (HIKERS UN)* Happyjon 4
2674 Sharp star misshapen, huskier to the North HUSKIER* + N = Sharp star DuckDuckPwn 3
2697 Picard's commander, for the most part, is content to avoid deadly star (8) SHU(RIKEr)N / deadly star zonotope 3
2672 忍者の武器の趣味を見逃す権利は反対(5) 「しゅみ(趣味)」の「み」を逃して

"Against the right to ignore the hobby of ninja's weapons" (?????)
The wordplay is to remove MI from SHUMI (hobby) and take 権利 -> KENRI and invert it to get RIKEN
The clever pun is taking 見逃す 'minogasu' "ignore" as 「み」逃しす 'mi nogasu' "lose MI"
Polaris 2
2657 They say that yes, I'm capable of throwing stars (8) "Sure I can" homophone (and shuriken is its own plural, at least to some people) mstang107 1