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President takes vow of honor (7)

BUSH + I DO = "honor"

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2658 President takes vow of honor (7) BUSH + I DO = "honor" mstang107 4
2677 Dubya, a hero, never lost honor (7) BUSH + IDO(-L) DuckDuckPwn 1
2670 さむらいが従うことはグレープの中にします (4) ぶどう(グレープ)の中に「し」を増す=さむらいが従うこと=ぶしどう

The clue is "The thing that samurai follow is done in grapes"
(I guess? Not like it makes a whole lot of sense in Japanese either)
The wordplay is just adding SHI to BUDOU (grapes)
The clever pun is taking します 'shimasu' "to do" => 「し」増す 'shi masu' "add SHI"
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2671 Asian chivalry discusses hedge-covered green (7) BUSHIDO = "BUSHY DOUGH" edderiofer 0