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Back out of limitless free verse (7)

(-f)RE(-e) VERSE

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3029 Back out of limitless free verse (7) (-f)RE(-e) VERSE EpicToast 3
3038 Playing Hanabi takes inner courage in an Asian country (7) HANABI* + R = BAH(R)AIN mstang107 3
3043 Puccini, say "/@:" from back to front (9) "Puccini, say" = OPERATIST = PER AT IS TO, move O to front of word phenomist 2
3021 Shitposting, with lack of shit, is a way to assert dominance (1-6) (shi)TPOS(-t)ING
T-POSING is a way to assert dominance
dylanamite 1
3031 “Hi, Constance!” staggered the sports trainer (6 5) TENNIS COACH* Timwi 1
3032 The thrilling part, i.e., Constance bungling (6 5) ACTION SCENE* Timwi 1
3022 Unabbreviation found in quincunx corporation (12) quINCunx (unabbreviated) tasthing 0
3025 Quidnunc transforms company into medium-small organization (6) COIN (quid) + NOW (nunc) transforms CO to M = MINNOW (small organization) Polaris 0
3026 Extreme shitposting hidden on net (4) _ME SH_ dylanamite 0
3030 Most fortunate designer that is wrapped in carnal cardinal sin (4) LU(CK+IE)ST AuLeaf 0
3033 Ol’ Constance, strangely, must remain open (6 5) CANNOT CLOSE* Timwi 0
3034 Uh, Constance definitely knows her numbers (3 3 5) SHE CAN COUNT* Timwi 0
3037 One caught in cardinal sin taking essential opportunity and beginning to search for Amelia Earheart, etc. (9) AV(I)A(_T_)RICE+S_ [pl. of AVIATRIX] AuLeaf 0
3040 Killer that uses their hands to remove a piece of flesh is person that I don't know (8) STRANGLER - L (a piece of fLesh) = STRANGER quatrevingtneuf 0
3041 Odd shitposting has me confused, like a headless chicken (7, 3, 3) Odd (anagram) SHITPOSTING has (with) ME confused (anagram):
MISSING THE TOP* = like a headless chicken
dylanamite 0
3042 Cardinal sin to take bud and yearn, without slightest penitence, for one-armed bandit (4,7) SLOT(MAC)H+(-p)INE ["bud" and "mac" are both North American placeholder names used for men whose name the speaker doesn't know] AuLeaf 0
3048 Half-concealed succubus comes before, Nazis in extraction of oil and sulfur are those that come after (10) SUCC__+E(SS)OR+S="those that come after" summitwei 0