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Reverend's envious of new money and lawn party? (5)

GREEN, 6x def.

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3204 Reverend's envious of new money and lawn party? (5) GREEN, 6x def. edderiofer 3
3207 Murder with lead pipe, followed by decapitating, gutting— it’s disconcerting (10) OFF + P(-ipe) + (-g)UTTING EpicToast 3
3209 Report revolver missing shell as murder weapon (4) _ROPE_< = "murder weapon" (incorrect guess!) Penzo 3
3211 Thrash scout with spanner (6) _OUT WIT_ prawo 2
3228 Tangled rope takes king in card game (5) PO(K)ER AuLeaf 2
3258 From Florida, possible sister of Mrs. Peacock (6) Peacock (verb) = FL+AUNT prawo 2
3205 Wife-to-be holding green spanner (6) BRID(G)E madjaqk 1
3206 Well-rounded professor (from Clue) with lead pipe (5) PLUM+P Polaris 1
3208 Doctor Orchid, with quadripetala, produces extremely toxic (and banned) herbicide (8 10) PARAQUAT DICHLORIDE is a cheap herbicide with only a little bit of incredibly severe toxicity to every organ in the human system

(ORCHID+QUADRIPETALA)*, because who doesn't like 18-letter anagrams for half-brand,half-scientific names for neurotoxic chemicals?
ManyPinkHats 1
3210 Scarlet takes Carl out for threesome or foursome, say (3) S(-carl)ET AuLeaf 1
3212 In the past, Sami's lead pipe had every other character eliminated (4) L(-e)A(-d)P(-i)P(-e): "Lapp" is an outdated term for the Sami people AuLeaf 1
3215 Rev. Green, it's claimed, got angry (3,3) Spoonerism of "raw said" = SAW RED prawo 1
3216 Nancy and Chuck announce candlestick, Green occupants of dining room (8,7) Nancy (Pelosi) and Chuck (Schumer) = MINORITY LEADERS
candlestick = "menorah," Green = "teal," occupants of dining room = "eaters"
prawo 1
3237 Dance at a country ballroom for website builder? (11) SQUARE (dance at a country ball) + SPACE (room) quatrevingtneuf 1
3257 Tots playing around square on floor produce dagger (8) S(TILE)TTO* prawo 1
3213 Something hidden in star actress Miss Scarlett's estate (4) _TARA_ AuLeaf 0
3256 Clue suspect, in the end, actually no good an alchemist (7 7) COLONEL MUSTA(-rd) +NG (the Flame Alchemist of "Fullmetal Alchemist") prawo 0