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Pokemon care about us (6)

Pokemon = (CARE)* + US

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3260 Pokemon care about us (6) Pokemon = (CARE)* + US skaldskaparmal 4
3253 Dunsparce used Hidden Power, defeating other mythical Pokémon (6) *ARCE US*; arceus defeated other mythical pokes dialga/palkia/giratina quatrevingtneuf 1
3255 Legendary first impressions of rhythm game: rhythm game's back, without circles (6) ARC[-a]E[-a]+(US[-o])< (delete 2nd and 3rd A's with the "first impressions" instruction) phenomist 1
3251 Spin petition about Pokemon (6) ARC + SUE< / Pokemon ev3commander 0
3254 Legendary god of war consumes beginning of chaos and union (6) ARES, C_, U -> AR(C_)E(U)S
"legendary" is often used as shorthand for "legendary Pokemon"
Polaris 0