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Communist site removed. (3)


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3384 Communist site removed. (3) RED(-dit) phenomist 2
3390 A mix of ROY G BIV, with less green and blue! (5) &lit /ROYIV and ivory is like white (combining all rainbow colours) but with fewer cool tones quatrevingtneuf 2
3392 Symbolizes love, head over heels! (4) EROS with head moved over heels gives ROSE &lit tckmn 2
3382 "Green mile" was moving (4) LIME* (clue ref. the movie) skaldskaparmal 1
3385 Pronounced shade! (5) homophone &lit WHITE ("wight") skaldskaparmal 1
3386 Soup is blue ― blue, not red (6) B+(-r)ISQUE (web color #ffe4c4) Sp3000 1
3379 Scarlet variety of paint from the east gets consumed by rats, perhaps (9) scarlet: VERMI(LIO<)N AuLeaf 0
3380 Plot with green; act to get liquor (10) [plot]+[green act]=CHART+REUSE AuLeaf 0
3383 How depression makes me feel: screwed up, say (4) BLUE // “blew” as in i blew it EpicToast 0
3388 Kanto city loves Minior―not so unusual (9) (LOVESMINIOR-SO)* = VERMILION Polaris 0
3389 Flowery scent is WC finisher (8) LAV ENDER quatrevingtneuf 0
3391 51 suddenly famous capturing new, odd gecko, specifically alive marine invertebrate (6 5) LI+VI(N+G_C_O)RAL = specifically alive marine invertebrate summitwei 0