LOSE (4)

Started by Sp3000

Drop in closer (4)

Hidden word

Submitted by Timwi

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Clue ID Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
4094 Drop in closer (4) Hidden word Timwi 1
4099 Fail to win, thus drop Angels from Los Angeles? (4) LOS(-angel)E(-s) Polaris 1
4095 Confuse the French with Unix, say (4) L(OS)E; LE (the, French) with OS (operating system; Unix, say); def=confuse, as in “you lost me” Timwi 0
4096 Untidy Leos are defeated (4) LEOS*; def=“are defeated” Timwi 0
4097 Greetings downright fail (4) “Greetings!” = “lo!”
Downright = SE (south-east)
Fail = LO+SE
Timwi 0
4098 Chuck's song of lamentation (ignoring the sound at the beginning) (4) def: "chuck"; phonetic beheadment of BLUES mbingo 0