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3072 SEDNA (5) Danes mix up a dwarf planet (5) SEDNA is an anagram for DANES LogThatData 2
3110 CLUE SIGNIFICANTLY SHORTER THAN THE ANSWER (?) Call it crap, like this clue. (29) FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION is the act of stating something has no value. LogThatData 0
3179 STAN (4) Stalin, after getting rid of upstart Ilyich (Lenin), turned into an obsessive fanboy. (4) Obsessive fanboy: STA__N (getting rid of I, L) LogThatData 0
3241 PUTSCH (6) Putin without north India finds Schwarzenegger's beginnings led to a violent rise to power (6) PUTIN
Without north India (-IN)
finds Schwarzeneggers beginnings (+SCH)
LogThatData 0

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