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Man eat soup (7)


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7050 Man eat soup (7) MANCHOW Madmahogany 3
7057 Very expired food (4) SO ("Very") + UP ("expired", as in time) bags 2
7051 Therefore, on God, this is the best food (4) Therefore = SO
on God = UP
Madmahogany 1
7056 Torso upset containing this food (4) __SO UP__
This clue is a lie btw
Madmahogany 1
7062 Weed a row of growths at your feet--you can stick 'em in a stew (8) POT+A+TOES Exalted 1
7070 A god and his subjects make a quick meal (5) RA+MEN = a quick meal jkittykitkat63 1
7071 Nothing messes with dry Chileans, not as a fairy-tale delicacy (7, 8) nothing = NAUGHT
messes with: anagram DRY CHILEANS
not as: remove AS
a fairy-tale delicacy: def for NAUGHT+YCHILDREN(-as)*
wolf 1
7085 Drink, drink nothing? Drink (4) S(O)UP edderiofer 1
7049 Stylish English county is charming, though lacking primarily agrarian poultry product (7 7) CHIC+KENT+ENDE(-a_)RS AuLeaf 0
7052 This dish is made by starting to serve on utensils, pots (4) SOUP
Madmahogany 0
7053 Pious doctors lose self to get this food (4) (PIOUS)*-I Madmahogany 0
7054 Background actor heard to be trouble (4) “supe” homophone (slang for supernumerary)

def = trouble, as in “in the soup”
dohz 0
7069 The sun god and his subjects make instant noodles (5) RA+MEN = instant noodles jkittykitkat63 0