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Feel bad, or lean back and finally enjoy? (4)


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8563 Feel bad, or lean back and finally enjoy? (4) PIT<+_Y dohz 2
8575 Flatbread without a crispy bottom? For shame! (4) Flatbread = PITA
without a = (-a)
crispy bottom = Y
for = connector
shame = def
majickace 2
8543 Terse, without hint of humanity or compassion def: compassion

terse = PITHY
without hint of Humanity = (-h)
noneuclidean 1
8564 [Clue about your first regret] (4) PIT<+Y_

practically identical wp to the last submission, i know
dohz 1
8565 Shame is sharp, cutting both old and new (4) P(-o)I(-n)TY dohz 1
8573 Python file embeds tech department's shame (4) P(IT)Y
Python file (.PY is the file extension for the Python programming language)
Embeds (container indicator)
tech department's (or IT department's)
shame (def.)
Marnix 1
8542 Grieve for spirituality without energy (4) PI(-e)TY theduckmedic 0
8548 A constant show of gratitude leads to sorrow (4) def. "sorrow"
wordplay: PI ("A constant": yeah there are an infinite number of constants but whatevs) TY ("show of gratitude": 'thank you'); link "leads to"
bags 0
8571 Alas, in verse, I ne'er used "o'er" (4) Alas = def
In verse, I = P(I)OETRY
ne'er used "o'er" = PIoeTrY
biocuriousgeorgie 0