WET (3)

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Stewpot keeping back moisture (3)


Submitted by dohz

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8648 Stewpot keeping back moisture (3) (_WET_)< dohz 3
8647 Oddly, wheat is damp (3) W_E_T dohz 2
8667 Bathe with alien (3) def. "Bathe"
wordplay: W ("with") E.T. ("alien": abbrv. extra-terrestrial)
bags 2
8668 Briefly urinate on (something), essentially (3) &lit (as in 'wetting' the bed, for example)
WE[e] ("Briefly", "urinate") on [some]T[hing] ("something", "essentially")
bags 2
8651 Splashing water lacks one secondary property?! (3) &lit
Water isn't wet - wetness is defined by something having water on/in it.
Splashing water = WATER*
lacks = deletion indicator
One =A
Secondary property = pRoperty
Firetruck 1
8674 God takes sixteen turns to flood (3) GOD rot-16 = WET
Flood = def (as a verb)
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8649 Damp sweet not half sent (3) Definition: Damp
Wordplay: Sweet not SE so wet
jatloe12345 0