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8797 City was stylish before (7) CHIC+AGO phenomist 2
8789 An astronaut, a proposition, harshly washed mohawks, a band in a MRT station, a mammoth, a human, a hawkmoth, a hat, a hat, a hat, a hat, a hat pickpocket, a triumphant humanitarian ptarmigan kahuna, tyranny, khaki print - weird name for a city (19 16 18 13 27 25 22 29) (KRUNGTHEPMAHANAKHON AMONRATTANAKOSIN MAHINTHARAYUTTHAYA MAHADILOKPHOP NOPPHARATRATCHATHANIBURIROM UDOMRATCHANIWETMAHASATHAN AMONPHIMANAWATANSATHIT SAKKATHATTIYAWITSANUKAMPRASIT)* ev3commander 1
8812 After last expedition aboard a small boat, I'm half afraid (oddly!) to follow you to where three seas meet (11) Last expedition = N, aboard a KAYAK = KANYAK
I'm half= M, afraid oddly = ARI to follow you = UMARI
where three seas meet = KANYAKUMARI
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8813 Eve's partner went back to fuel vehicle in children's comedy film (10) ADAM< + GAS + CAR
Children's film = MADAGASCAR
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8822 In short, what brought about world peace after the war? Hearing lyrics by Gangnam Style artist (10) wordplay: sounds like (“hearing”) VERSE (“lyrics”) + PSY (“Gangnam Style artist”)

def: “In short, what brought about world peace after the war?”,
as in: (The Treaty of) VERSAILLES, to end World War I
rpl 1
8790 One place in Norway (1) One = A
place in Norway =,_Meldal
theduckmedic 0
8791 SoCal city of note (2, abbr.) L.A. (heteronym of LA) Tortoise 0
8793 Is a district attorney able to place? (6) CAN A DA? theduckmedic 0
8795 Japan: a map hides a nation (6) _PAN A MA_ theduckmedic 0
8796 1st place to visit? Bulgaria, then travel secondly to Afrika’s North (7 4) BU + [("secondly") tO + AFRIKAS + N]* ("travel") = BURKINA FASO

def. "1st place to visit?"
rpl 0
8799 Capital turning to brown with center turning to jasper initially (7) BEIGING, with G turned to J_ = BEIJING phenomist 0
8821 Cape cape cape that's near Oslo (12) Nesoddtangen Is a tripley redunant place name for cape/cape/cape Firetruck 0