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Building block of life found in healthy minerals (7)


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8806 Building block of life found in healthy minerals (7) _THY MINE_ dohz 2
8807 A partner of disguised hitmen taking your head? (7) TH(Y_)MINE*

A partner = def, as in the “partner” of adenine, abbreviated as A
dohz 2
8805 Your wealth is part of what defines you (7) THY + MINE = “part of what defines you” (as in thymine is part of DNA, which defines your genetic information) fluff 1
8808 I'm back in Boston - enemy's going around riding the T (7) TH(N(IM<)Y<)E
IM backwards in (Boston enemy = NY, going around) = YMIN
YMIN riding (i.e., sitting inside) THE = TH(YMIN)E
T = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8827 Plant absorbing in chemical (7) def. "chemical"
wordplay: THYME ("Plant") containing ("absorbing") IN
bags 1
8809 It's in genetic material of femur and acidic, they say (7) def "It's in genetic material"

Sounds like ("they say"): THIGH ("femur") + MEAN ("acidic", as in "an acidic comment")
rpl 0
8816 This essential component of DNA (my chemistry cap ensures) lacks sulfur! (7) [THIS + dNa + MY]* (“chemistry”) + (“cap”) E_ - S = THYMINE

&lit. chemical composition of Thymine doesn't have Sulfur :P
rpl 0
8828 Base your core premise in observable outcome (7) Base = def (i.e., one of the four bases that make up DNA)
Your = THY + preMise + IN + observablE
biocuriousgeorgie 0