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Pokémon’s time in space (5)


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9057 Pokémon’s time in space (5) RO(T)OM dohz 2
9058 Tuned drum loses to a Pokémon (5) Tuned drum = ROTOTOM
loses to = loses TO
a Pokémon = definition
Tortoise 0
9061 Pocket monster books held in long-term memory (5) R(OT)OM
ROM - long term memory
OT - books, as in Old Testament, per the site host
Pocket monster = def
Firetruck 0
9063 Pokémon with "Frost" form primely, maybe at the first slot (5) def. "Pokémon"; link "with"
wordplay: ROTO ("'Frost' form", "primely": prime letters of FROST FORM) + M[aybe] ("Maybe" "at the first slot")
bags 0
9065 Backwards mover controls appliances (5) mover - MOTOR
controls appliances - def
Botaku 0