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Fear losing time to mistake (5)


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9265 Fear losing time to mistake (5) (-t)ERROR dohz 1
9267 In fear or regret over mix-up (5) in - hidden word
feaR OR REgret
over - reversal
mix-up - def
Botaku 1
9269 Ore bank fault. (5) ORE = letter bank
bank = {letter bank}
fault = definition
dpad 0
9271 Sin perpetrator saw Satan consumed by the rant, "O, safety!" (5) Sin = definition
Satan = printer's devilry
Perpetrator saw Satan; consumed by tERROR, he ran to safety.
PD clues often have no definition; in such case, replace "Sin perpetrator" with "He."
FromAtoZany 0
9274 Maybe literal headless imp (5) def. "Maybe literal" (a "literal" is a type of typographical error)
wordplay: [t]ERROR ("headless" "imp")
bags 0