Started by Idontknow

Museum without a U? (7)

URANI(a) (muse) + UM, def. = U

Submitted by zonotope

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Clue ID Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
2496 Museum without a U? (7) URANI(a) (muse) + UM, def. = U zonotope 8
2464 Radioactive waste disoriented front of brain (7) (C->U)RANIUM - a U is a C but in a different orientation e_is_cool 4
2466 Heavy metal remix of “I’m Nauru” (7) IMNAURU* Timwi 1
2467 Low-end Malibu rum in a mixer for yellowcake component (7) _U+(RUMINA)* = "yellowcake component"
Yellowcake is milled uranium oxide
Penzo 1
2463 Total after muse drops a beginning to story element (7) URANIA SUM drops A S_ = "element" Polaris 0
2474 US surrounds Iran, disrupting initial military enrichment material (7) US: U’s (multiple)
Iran disrupting: RANI*
initial military: M_
enrichment material: def for U[RANI*]U+M_
wolf 0