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Clue ID Contest Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
2464 URANIUM (7) Radioactive waste disoriented front of brain (7) (C->U)RANIUM - a U is a C but in a different orientation e_is_cool 4
2550 APPARATUS (9) Tackle AP Spanish for your final exams (9) "Tackle" = AP + (PARA + TU) + _S e_is_cool 4
3321 HONK (4) Loud sound made without gong in Asian city (4) Loud sound made = HON(-g)K(-ong) e_is_cool 4
2604 CREEPER (7) Primary creature: lean, green, and blows up half a person! (7) C_ + _REE_ + PER(-son) &lit e_is_cool 2
2636 CITADEL (7) Defense tech support breaks into, using primarily Control-Alt-Delete (7) "Defense" = C_(IT)A_ + DEL e_is_cool 2
2476 FEVER (5) Temperature abnormality of five found in backwater ridge (5) FE(V)ER<
FEER< is clued with "back" and "water ridge"
e_is_cool 1
2711 DELAY (5) Beginning of race was downhill terrain for bikers, perhaps? (5) “hill terrain for bikers, perhaps” = (R -> D)ELAY
e_is_cool 1
2776 LIGHT (5) This clue, after a day‽ (5) def = this clue, after a day -> dayLIGHT
the clue is an &lit, and "lit" in the future ("after a day"), since it is in the past tense, is the present tense of the word "lit," which is LIGHT
e_is_cool 1
2965 ANY CLUE THAT RESOLVES TO THE EMPTY STRING (0) No Pokemon glitch‽ (0) No MissingNo. = “No Pokemon” glitch (a glitch where you have no Pokemon, giving you an empty party) e_is_cool 1
3716 LEXICON (7) Hebrew dictionary's latest entry starts with: Early Christians invaded the Israeli holy land, captured its capital, and in it put a cross (7) Hebrew dictionary = L_ + E_ + (z->X)I(C_)ON e_is_cool 1

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