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Clue ID Contest Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
8460 ID CARD (2, 4) Drivers license? I don't care! -A reckless driver, at first (I) (d)on't (c)are (A) (r)eckless (d)river DcWithFiveOnes 5
8472 TIGER (5) This year: concerning software tracker will be back. (5) RE: GIT reversal DcWithFiveOnes 3
8409 UWU (3) Face court after Finn's land, we hear (3) Face = UWU, OOO + WOO homophone. DcWithFiveOnes 2
8470 TEN-FOUR (3-4) Transmission received: "Shelter is missing its back, golfers cry out loud." (3-4) Shelter: TENT
Missing its back: TEN
Golfers cry: FORE
Out Loud: FOUR

Transmission received: TEN-FOUR
DcWithFiveOnes 2
8440 FETCH (5) Complain about king's vase initially stolen, replaced with false, and sold well (5) KVETCH (complain about) - KV (king's vase initially) + F (replaced with false) = FETCH (sold well) DcWithFiveOnes 1
8423 ANY ONE-WORD BAND NAME (?) Electronic band's Alito (7) JUSTICE double def. DcWithFiveOnes 0
8459 SCARLET (7) Bloody Wheezer found in stage (7) CARL in SET = S(CARL)ET DcWithFiveOnes 0
8491 FLACON (6) Eeveelution note: for middling grade, use perfume bottle (6) FLAREON (Eeveelution)
Swap RE (note) for C (Middling grade)
DcWithFiveOnes 0
8562 WHATEVS (7) Graceful (at least partially) grader adds on homework. Flip out, I don't give a damn. SVE(LTE) + TA + HW reversed DcWithFiveOnes 0

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