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Land without a sun (5)

(a)LIGHT / sun

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2828 Land without a sun (5) (a)LIGHT / sun zonotope 7
2777 Ray with gills drawn back somewhat (5) _LIG HT_< AuLeaf 4
2783 Small left, then right, left, right (5) Small is the definition.
Left = L
Right (R) left (subtracted from) Right (literal) = RIGHT - R = IGHT
skaldskaparmal 4
2770 Aviation, not loud, not heavy (5) (-f)LIGHT Polaris 3
2768 Brilliant answer (5) ddef. light = bright = brilliant / light, in a crossword EpicToast 2
2769 Ignore lead-free match (5) (-s)LIGHT = match Skynet000 2
2771 Align heart with heartless heart burn (5) _LIG_ (align heart) with H_T (heartless heart) = "burn" (i.e. to light a fire) Polaris 2
2772 Not heavy-handed magic technique: misdirections (5) SLEIGHT (handed magic technique) - SE (miss directions) = LIGHT (not heavy) quatrevingtneuf 2
2779 Pale signal (5) ddef: pale (as in light blue), signal (as in traffic signals, also called traffic lights) ev3commander 2
2775 Start following abandoned set of steps (5) (-f)LIGHT AuLeaf 1
2776 This clue, after a day‽ (5) def = this clue, after a day -> dayLIGHT
the clue is an &lit, and "lit" in the future ("after a day"), since it is in the past tense, is the present tense of the word "lit," which is LIGHT
e_is_cool 1
2778 Approaching white-lying white-out of regular characters (5) L(-y)I(-n)G(-w)H(-i)T(-e)
def: approaching white
AuLeaf 1
2866 Lit current (5) "Light" is "lit" in the present tense, but a light can also be an electric current that is lit (meaning either giving off light or switched on). Idontknow 1
2774 Lost vision; don't start! (5) L+(-S)IGHT
&lit - light theme makes you lose your vision, so don't start using it
summitwei 0
2812 Lithium-GHT photons (5) Chemical element symbol edderiofer 0
2820 A definite endless golden curtailed return to perch (5) A definite endless = TH(-e)
Golden curtailed = GIL(-t)
To perch = THGIL<
Timwi 0
2829 Without some toppings, Turkish treat is not heavy (5) DELIGHT without some toppings quatrevingtneuf 0