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8522 Left-overs for fans (6) L+OVERS dohz 3
8547 Admirers unlock hearts with endless poetry (6) Admirers = def
unlock hearts = unLOck
endless poetry = VERSe
biocuriousgeorgie 3
8503 Solver is confused for a couple (6) def. "a couple": i.e. 'they're lovers'/'they're a couple'
wordplay: anagram of SOLVER ("is confused")
in the surface, "a couple" is supposed to read as "a couple of minutes"... is that a regional thing?
bags 2
8529 Tristan and Iseult, say, caught up in Peasants' Revolt (6, assumes down clue) caught up in = found backwards (assuming down clue) in peasantS REVOLt
definition = Tristan and Iseult, say
Tortoise 2
8531 Devotees embodied by will over skill (6) _L OVER S_ dohz 2
8546 Without their leader, small shorebirds are not fighters (6) pLOVERS
I'm a lover, not a fighter
biocuriousgeorgie 2
8526 Buffalo versus shrouded hounds (6) _LO VERS_
shrouded = hidden word

hounds = def (as in enthusiasts "coffee-hound" <> "coffee-lover")
majickace 1
8545 Incite revolts without starting the flames (6) <REVOLtS> minus The
Flames = def
biocuriousgeorgie 1
8505 There isn't any naked tryst without your first romantic partners (6) There isn't any=LOVE (as in tennis)
Naked tryst = RYS, without "your first=Y"= RYS-Y=RS
romantic partners =lovers
Firetruck 0
8521 Start to leak revolutionary note with, going up, half of review to enthusiasts, primarily (6) def: enthusiasts, primarily

Start to leak = L_
revolutionary note = SO< = OS
with = (containment indicator)
going up = (reversal indicator)
half of review = REV(-iew)
to = (connector)

L + O(VER<)S<
noneuclidean 0
8530 Romeo, Romeo, wretched solver (6) (SOLVER)* climatebrad 0