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Un caballero loco... ¡Quite jodón! (3,7)

Surface reading: "Silly knight... f*** off, ass!"

def: "Un caballero" (a knight) = DON QUIJOTE (native spelling)
wp: [QUITE JODON]* ("loco")

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9816 Un caballero loco... ¡Quite jodón! (3,7) Surface reading: "Silly knight... f*** off, ass!"

def: "Un caballero" (a knight) = DON QUIJOTE (native spelling)
wp: [QUITE JODON]* ("loco")
rpl 5
9797 在美国, 我听说她是总统 (1) 在美国, - "In the United States", English indicator
我听说 - "I heard", homophone indicator
她 - feminine 3rd person pronoun
homophone of "she" = XI

是 - "is", link
总统 - def "president" = 习 (XI)
rpl 4
9808 Movimenti affrettati in una via, una strana via (6) Translation (from Italian): Hurried movements in a road, a weird road (6)


def = Hurried movements
a road = VIA
a weird road = VAI*
Amaranth 4
9810 「ステルスオウジ」はポケモンの名前(3) TL: "Stealthprince" is the name of a Pokémon

ステルス ("stealth") → 捨てるス ("discard ス")
オウジ ("prince" in Japanese, or 王子 in kanji) → プリンス ("prince", as a transliterated loanword from English)
プリンス (purinsu) without ス (su) is プリン (purin), the name of a Pokémon (Jigglypuff)
Sp3000 4
9798 Крепость требует ключ (5) Translation: fortress demands a key

fortress - замок (stress on first syllable)
demands a key - lock, i.e. замок (stress on second syllable)

Thanks to Yosh for their consultation!
Botaku 3
9800 Estas amuze serĉi mislokitan ĉapelon (5) translation: "It's fun to look for a misplaced hat"
definition: "it's funny" (fun and funny are the same word)
serĉi, when the hat is moved, becomes the answer "ŝerci", meaning joke
theduckmedic 3
9801 Zhormen dalen ma som akkelenak, yer mel Khaleesi (8) Translation (Dothraki): "Heartless thousand with no leader, you evil Queen"

zhormen DALEN - DA_EN
ma - juxtaposition
SOM akkelenak - S_ (akkelenak = "leader")
yer mel - YER* (mel = "evil" anagrind)

DA_EN+(S__YER)* = DAENERYS = def. Khaleesi
rpl 3
9806 Expressway “aisleway eBay” outweigh (8) Translated from Pig Latin:
Express "I'll be" out
Express "I'll be" = wonder
Out = under (e.g. unconscious)
either is UNDERWAY in Pig Latin

for fun all words involved also valid in English
theduckmedic 3
9811 राष्ट्रपति, अद्भुत कमाल! (3) Translation : President, amazing wonderful!

अद्भुत is amazing, an anagram indicator
कमाल anagrammed gives कलाम
कलाम (Kalam) was the 11th President of India, widely popular as the "People's President"
The entire sentence is the definition
Soni 3
9812 濁ってないミルクを吸い込むこと(6) TL: The act of soaking up unclouded milk

濁ってない ("unclouded") → make unvoiced
ミルク ("milk", transliterated loanword from English) → ぎゅうにゅう ("milk", or 牛乳 / gyuunyuu)
ぎゅうにゅう (gyuunyuu) unvoiced becomes the answer きゅうにゅう (kyuunyuu) = 吸入 ("inhalation")
Def is 吸い込むこと (suikomu koto) = the act of inhaling (/ soaking up)
Sp3000 3
9792 Remplace la tête d'une mouette par la Suisse, c'est génial (8) Translation: Replace the head of a seagull with switzerland, it's great (8)
seagull = mouette
-head + switzerland = chouette (def)
Delabranche 2
9795 nasin moli kepeken ilo toki (5) Translation: "a way of killing using a tool for speech"

nasin moli [way of killing]: def UTALA [fighting, attack]
ilo toki [tool for speech] = UTA [mouth, oral]
kepeken [using] = LA [context particle, modifying an entire phrase - like "-ly" in "hopefully"]

UTA LA = "with regards to the mouth..."
Deusovi 2
9796 六十秒,八下刀(1) Translation: Sixty seconds, under eight is a knife (1)

分 = 刀 under 八
edderiofer 2
9809 вітання! смілива лідерка Ава що ріже цибулю в Москві – жахлива а́їр, ні? (5,7) (Ukrainian) Greetings! Brave leader Ava cutting onions in Moscow – terrible plant, isn't it?

def - вітання! (salute) = СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ

смілива лідерка - С_ (лідерка = "leader")
Ава - АВА ("Ava", female name)
що ріже - containment
цибулю в Москві - ЛУК ("onions in Moscow", Russian)
жахлива А́ЇР - РАЇ*
ні - НІ

rpl 2
9813 టపాసులు పేలినప్పుడు, మొట్టమొదటిగా సుఖము పొతే రాగాలు తీయచ్చు (3) Literal translation: When firecrackers explode, if you first lose your happiness/comfort, you can cry/wail

టపాసులు (firecrackers) పేలినప్పుడు (when they explode) = anagram టపాసులు
మొట్టమొదటిగా (immediately first,) సుఖము (happiness/comfort) పొతే (if it goes away) = remove సు (the first letter of సుఖము)
రాగాలు (tunes/songs) = def = పాటలు
తీయచ్చు (you can take out) = connector, comes after because that's how Telugu grammar works

surface reading: రాగాలు తీయు is also an idiomatic phrase meaning to cry/wail/scream used often to describe tantrums (e.g., you can sing as much as you like, but it's not going to change the situation)

టపాసులు* - సు = పాటలు
biocuriousgeorgie 2
9815 Θα αποκεφαλίσω γάιδαρο! Παληάνθρωπος! (5) (Greek) "I will behead donkey! Villain!"

def - Παληάνθρωπος (villain, specifically someone who hates humankind) = Θανος (THANOS, English transliteration)

Θα + _νος (όνος = γάιδαρο, donkey synonym) = Θανος
rpl 2
9817 Jedi foe - def
partially disbars - remove bars from one letter, see
half a prison - SING-sing
dpad 2
9793 معركة أرزة مع فخرالدين الأول حيوانية (5) translation: The battle of a cedar with Fakhreddine the First is animalistic (5)
battle (actual word similar to entanglement) - anagrind
Cedar + (F = first of fakhreddine) - fodder
(CEDARF)* = zorafa/giraffe (answer, def = animalistic/animal, same word kinda)
answer: زرافة
sorry this explanation is a mess

Delabranche 1
9794 Un país está tranquilo, escuchando a la actriz de "Gambito de dama". (6) Translation: A country is quiet, hearing "The Queen's Gambit" actress.

def - Un país = ESPAÑA

ES - está (synonym)
P - tranquilo ("piano", music abbrev.)
AÑA - escuchando a la actriz de "Gambito de dama" / ("ANYA" homophone)
rpl 1
9814 Saya mulai setengah delapan ada waktu (6) Saya+EMPAT = ada waktu

Translated gloss: "I, starting from 7:30, will have time"
chaotic_iak 1
9821 *h₂ékʷeh₂s deywóHom pr̥h₃wós wésn̥s médʰyom térh₂uti (5) (reuploaded to correct grammar/syntax/a wrong word from an earlier draft)

"The first of the gods of water overcame the middle of spring" (lit. water's gods' first spring's middle overcame)

WÉ(-s)(D)N̥S ("water (genitive)")
Adalbert 1
9820 A Sith lord? Mesa? Dis nutsen. Yousa takin' off clothes! (7) def - A Sith lord
[I (mesa) + DIS]* (nutsen) + _OUS_ (yOUSa, taking off clothes) = SIDI*_OUS_
rpl 0