Contests started: TALKING HEADS (7, 5), NEW ORDER (3, 5), ODD FUTURE (3, 6), DAVID BOWIE (5, 5), CROP TOP (4, 3)

Contests won: WATERMELON (10), EXPLORE (7), PRISM (5)

All Submissions

Clue ID Contest Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
10261 LEVEE (5) Where I drove my Chevy with a flat, after turning left into avenue's end (5) where i drove my chevy -> defn (this is a lyric from don mclean's american pie)
flat -> LEVEL
left -> L
avenue's end -> E
turn L into E in LEVEL to get LEVEE
empyreu 3
10263 WATERMELON (10) Fruit we eat that may be served after slicing off long end (10) WE around A TERM (it may be served) after LON(-g) empyreu 2
10290 EXPLORE (7) Adventure game's levels and story (7) EXP + LORE empyreu 2
10265 VAGUE (5) Fashion trend where you swap ring for artsy top that might be a little muddy (5) v(o->a)gue empyreu 1
10273 POLYDACTYLY Some parts of adult film performed without professional I made to act, covered in loving gestures involving many fingers, perhaps? (11) some parts of adult film -> POrno
performed without professional -> DIY
I made to act -> change I to ACT
cover in loving gestures -> LY DACTY LY
put it all together for POLYDACTYLY
empyreu 1
10285 FLOAT (5) Put forward an idea for what we'll all do down here (5) ddef (as in suggesting an idea and pennywise from it) empyreu 1
10293 PRISM (5) Monkey edges away, endless danger from monolith's source - it may be found on the dark side of the moon (5) monkey edges away -> aPe
endless danger -> RISk
monolith's source -> M
def may be found on the dark side of the moon (pink floyd album has a prism on it)
empyreu 1
10286 C MAJOR (1, 5) Scale of a limitless sound after short distance (1, 5) scale -> defn
a limitless sound ->A fJORd (sound as in Milford Sound)
short distance -> CM (as in centimetre)
put it all together -> CM + A + JOR
empyreu 0
10289 TALKING HEADS (7, 5) The posters depict a lake cordoned off without one being denied entrance, this must be the place, they say (7, 5) the posters -> THE ADS
a lake cordoned off, without one -> A LAK(-e), then remove A -> LK
being denied entrance -> (-be)ING
depict -> containing indicator
put it all together
T(A + L(-a)K(-e) + (-be)ING)HEADS

defn: "This Must Be The Place" is a song by the Talking Heads
empyreu 0
10314 DESPERATE (9) It's white, blue, and black in day, sometimes (9) ESPER in DATE
defn parsed as SOME TIMES (desperate times)
empyreu 0

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